Semi Intigrated Dishwasher

Semi Intigrated Dishwasher
Semi Intigrated Dishwasher

You have some space under the kitchen countertop and now you want to integrate a dishwasher into your kitchen? But please a more affordable one? Then a semi-integrated dishwasher could be just what you’re looking for. Built-in dishwashers have become very popular because they disappear into the kitchen counter and don’t spoil the overall look. For many people, the partially integrated version is the cheapest way to integrate the dishwasher.

What is a semi-integrated dishwasher and what are its special features?

In a partially integrated dishwasher, you can decorate the front with a kind of decorative sheet. This is not in the same shape / color as your kitchen, but stainless steel look, plain black and a few other standard shades are usually available. However, the control panel will still be visible.

So it’s still quite possible to operate the dishwasher without having to open a door first. This is also the big difference to the fully integrated dishwasher. Here, in order to make adjustments, you have to open the door a little, because the control element is built into it. Fully integrated dishwashers, on the other hand, have the advantage of blending in even better with the look of the kitchen.

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You can load the surface

But: you can also remove it and put the device under a solid countertop. There is a recess at the bottom of the dishwasher, so you can push it all the way to the wall and have all the components under your countertop at the same height.

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Who is a semi-integrated dishwasher for?

Those of you who are yet to buy a kitchen, gladly an offer or from discounters and decide afterwards to spend the money on a dishwasher after all, are well advised with a semi-integratable dishwasher. It is a slightly more elegant solution than the freestanding model and you always have the option of placing it separately as well.

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What to consider when buying?

The dishwasher should be energy efficient, use as little water as possible and it should have water safety technology. There are different water protection systems. In the event of a malfunction, the kitchen will not be under water.

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How many capacity/measureable place settings are usually offered?

You should choose the appropriate dishwasher size depending on the number of family members and space under the countertop.

The average person’s meals per day include breakfast, lunch, dinner and coffee – usually at least 1 place setting.

  • The 45 cm wide narrow dishwasher can hold 9 to 10 loads of dishes.
  • The 60 cm wide models have an average capacity of 12 to 14 place settings.
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What width, depth and height is usually offered?

In stores, you can usually find the narrow 45 cm wide version and the standard 60 cm wide size.

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What are the special features of the latest models?

Here are some examples that you can find in these models:

  • Intensive cleaning – keyword casserole dishes
  • Hygiene program even manages flu germs
  • Quick programs – some of them allow you to turn off the drying process. So you have really fast your clean dishes at hand.
  • Automatic programs – some allow you to set the time when the machine should start.
  • Mix programs specifically for certain contents. For example, beer glasses, pots or plastic.
  • Dosing assistant for cleaning agents
  • Control via app – in some cases, the machine can be controlled via WLAN and app.
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Which brands are good in this segment?

All well-known manufacturers are recommended. Beko, Privileg and Exquisit also make a good impression, along with Miele, Bosch and AEG. Private labels, such as those offered at discounters, perhaps together with a kitchen, should be checked for your quality in detail. Look there again exactly. Mostly, however, it is only well-known manufacturers who sell their appliances under an unknown name.

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Customer experiences and tests

Even with a semi-integratable dishwasher, you should include the experiences of other customers in your decision before buying a device. They provide information on what to expect after the purchase. We have summarized customer reviews from some online stores and listed them for you on the respective product pages. In addition, you will find information on the pages about the performance in tests by Stiftung Warentest and other test institutes.

You can also test whether a semi-integrated dishwasher is the best appliance for you in our interactive dishwasher test. Enter all your requirements for a dishwasher and we will suggest the models that best suit you.

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In what price segment is this type of dishwasher?

It starts at a realistic $300. It goes up to about $2,500, where you can expect 10 washing programs and app control. Offers in discounters are rather rare and usually not particularly good in terms of quality. You can find inexpensive dishwasher models mainly on the Internet, and top products mainly at specialist retailers, who should also offer very good advice.

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