Cheap Dishwasher

Cheap dishwasher
Cheap dishwasher

Whether alone or after an extended family meal – after every meal, about 71% of USA use the dishwasher to quickly and conveniently clean the used dishes again. But what happens when this beloved everyday helper has done its job and a new appliance needs to be purchased? Often, one is puzzled by terms such as energy efficiency class, operating noise and water consumption and does not quite know how these affect the price. And what is an inexpensive dishwasher that is worth buying?

What does a dishwasher cost?

Inexpensive dishwashers, especially tabletop dishwashers, are sometimes available for less than $300. For expensive models, on the other hand, you can spend well over $2,000. Normally, however, most consumers will orient themselves to the middle price segment, which is around $500 for a normal upright dishwasher. However, it is always worth looking out for a dishwasher offer.

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What is the price of a dishwasher based on?

The price of a dishwasher depends on many factors, which are not necessarily always comprehensible. Among other things, water consumption, drying efficiency and energy efficiency are often cited as factors. It is clear that particularly good energy efficiency is more likely to be found in appliances in the upper price segment. However, there are also some exceptions.

The type of dishwasher and the equipment of the machine certainly have a greater impact. A large selection of wash programs or additional features, such as AquaStop or AutoOpen drying, have an impact on the price. Last but not least, the brand of the dishwasher and the installed quality also play a significant role in the price.

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Table dishwasher

In general, large price differences can also be found between the different dishwasher models. On the one hand, there are table dishwashers, which are not installed in an existing kitchen, but can be placed on a separate shelf. This inexpensive dishwasher is particularly suitable for small households with a low volume of dishes or for single households.

You can buy tabletop dishwashers for as little as about $400. The great advantage of these models is the space-saving appearance, because it can be placed in any place where there is a power and water connection. Water consumption is also not too high, but this is due to the small size of the dishwasher. Often, with these devices, you have to put up with increased operating noise for this. Most table dishwashers have operating noises of 49db and more. Another disadvantage is the poorer energy efficiency.

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Freestanding and built-in dishwashers

In contrast to this are the models of the freestanding dishwashers, which are integrated into the kitchen and appear either as freestanding, under-mountable, fully integrated or also partially integrated variants.

Some freestanding dishwashers can be purchased for as little as about $300. Built-in dishwashers, on the other hand, are often more expensive and start at around $500. The difference here is that in the case of semi-integrated units, the dishwasher’s controls are visible from the outside in the upper section, and a panel in the style of the existing kitchen is fitted towards the bottom. In the case of fully integrated dishwashers, you can not see the device from the outside, because the surface blends perfectly into the overall look of the kitchen. The controls are located inside the dishwasher, built into the door (that is why, among other things, there is no window on the dishwasher). This difference in the design of the device also affects the price, with fully integrated devices being more expensive.

Here is an overview of some factors that influence the price:

  • Dishwasher type / style
  • Rated capacity and width
  • Energy efficiency
  • Special functions / programs
  • Brand and design
  • Quality of the installed parts

The order of listing does not represent any weighting.

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What do you get for a low price?

In the budget price segment, you get a standard dishwasher with mostly a low energy efficiency class. In addition, there is a small appealing selection of washing programs, both short wash cycles and intensive wash cycles. With about 9 liters of water consumption, the low-priced dishwasher can still be seen. Unfortunately, with these devices you also have to expect higher operating noise, a small capacity and usually not so long life. Here is a small list of what you can already get for little money:

  • Important standard programs
  • Average energy efficiency
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Inexpensive dishwashers in the test

Inexpensive models rarely perform particularly well in dishwasher tests by Stiftung Warentest and other recognized test magazines. This is often due to the quality of the installed parts and the few functions. On the other hand, cheap dishwashers are often found in the top positions in our list of best dishwashers, because the purchase price plays a very important role for many of our website visitors, according to the interactive dishwasher test. This point is usually not taken into account by the test institutes.

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Which dishwasher brands are considered to be particularly favorable?

Cheap dishwashers are probably not available from brand manufacturers like Miele & Co. However, there are also real bargains from better-known brands such as:

Siemens Dishwashers

Siemens household appliances are a fixed feature in European apartments and houses. The dishwashers of the traditional …

Samsung Dishwashers

The Samsung Electronics brand aims to constantly develop innovative products to give its customers a comfortable …

Neff Dishwashers

Since 1877, the Neff brand has stood for high-quality kitchen and household appliances, which are located in the good …

Bosch Dishwashers

The Bosch brand looks back on a long history. Founded in 1886 by Robert Bosch, it is by no means only known for …

Beko Dishwashers

Beko brand household appliances are distributed by Beko Deutschland GmbH, which belongs to the Turkish Koç Holding. …

AEG Dishwashers

AEG is still one of the most popular household appliance brands in Germany. Founded in 1883, the brand now belongs to …

Miele Dishwashers

Miele’s brand promise states that its appliances should always be better. The manufacturer states that it does …
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What special features do expensive appliances offer?

Built-in appliances in particular are found in the higher price segment. This is no coincidence, because if you invest a lot in your kitchen to create a uniform overall look, you are also willing to invest more in the technology of the built-in appliances. For example, you’ll find special features like AutoOpen drying, Perfect GlassCare, fresh water rinsing and MultiZone on these dishwashers.

Miele’s AutoOpen Drying is a patented concept that provides for the dishwasher door to open automatically after the wash cycle is complete, allowing the dishes to dry better in cooler room air. The Perfect GlassCare feature, also from Miele, provides an optimal and gentle cleaning process for glasses, and the fresh water rinse offers a particularly water-efficient wash of just 6.5 liters. The MultiZone option, on the other hand, allows dishwasher users to decide for themselves whether they want to have only the top or only the bottom rack washed.

In addition, more and more manufacturers also offer Smart dishwashers, which communicate with the Internet via WLAN and can thus be controlled and managed by the consumer via smartphone app. Inexpensive dishwashers, of course, do not have these features to offer. However, since the development of smart home will probably progress even faster in the next few years, you may be able to communicate with a cheap dishwasher via app in a few years.

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