Dishwasher with Cutlery Drawer

Dishwasher with Cutlery Drawer
Dishwasher with Cutlery Drawer

The interior of most dishwashers today is divided into an upper basket for cups and glasses and a lower basket for plates, pans and the rest of the dishes. Furthermore, a removable cutlery basket can be placed in the lower basket, where knives, spoons and forks can be sorted “chaotically” with the handle facing down. In this way, the cutlery is safely stored and washed without “flying” through the interior. However, there is another option for the cutlery. Thus, you will certainly have already discovered more and more often dishwashers with cutlery drawer. This has some advantages. What makes a dishwasher with a cutlery drawer so much more practical than one with a cutlery basket, you can find out here, including recommendations.

Why a cutlery drawer?

If you buy a dishwasher with a cutlery drawer, you can benefit from several advantages over the usual cutlery basket. Here are the arguments in favor of a cutlery basket:

Optimal use of space.

The cutlery drawer is arranged above the upper basket. It hardly takes up any space at the top of the upper basket, as it is kept very flat. It also frees up space in the lower basket for more plates or larger pots and pans, since it no longer requires a cutlery basket.

Better washing and drying performance

Unlike the cutlery basket, where knives, forks and spoons are inserted with the handle facing down and possibly bumping into each other, in a dishwasher with a cutlery drawer they are sorted individually. As a result, there is no risk of the cutlery interfering with each other and thus not being sufficiently rinsed from all sides. Rather, with a cutlery drawer, the water gets to each piece and can reliably loosen the soiling. In addition to thorough cleaning, the drying performance is also improved and possible scratches are prevented.

Practical storage

Putting away the cutlery drawer is far more practical than using a cutlery basket. On the one hand, you do not have to bend down as often, since the drawer is located higher up than the cutlery basket, and on the other hand, the risk of injury is minimized, which is given, for example, by protruding knife tips with the cutlery basket. The cutlery basket in turn has the advantage that it can be removed more easily when sorting out the cutlery.

Dishwashers with cutlery drawer can be found in every price segment

Now, if you think that you can find cutlery drawers only in high-end dishwasher models, then you are wrong. In the meantime, this equipment feature can be found in machines of every price segment. You can even find a cutlery drawer in inexpensive dishwashers, as the equipment feature has hardly any impact on the machine price.

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