Freestanding Dishwasher

Freestanding dishwasher
Freestanding dishwasher

Tired of doing the dishes? Then you need a dishwasher. However, if your kitchen is already fully equipped and there is no more space for such a household appliance, then you need a freestanding dishwasher or also called a stand-up dishwasher. This can be placed freely in the kitchen or in another room with water supply.

Since its surface can be used as a storage option, these devices are also often placed so that they can be shared as an extension of the kitchen work surface. Especially in small households without a built-in kitchen, these models are used.

What is a freestanding dishwasher and what are its special features?

The attribute “freestanding” means two crucial things for you:

  • On the surface of this device you can work and put heavy things. The cover is fully loadable.
  • The device is completely self-sufficient from other components and is stable for itself.

Unfortunately, there is no recess at the bottom for the baseboard of your kitchen, so you will have difficulty pushing a freestanding dishwasher to the back of the wall, should you have purchased one, for example, used and there is space in the kitchen counter for a dishwasher.

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Who is a freestanding dishwasher suitable for?

A freestanding dishwasher is always your first choice if it is either to be placed in a room other than the kitchen, or if it is to be independent of your kitchen counter. This is likely to be mostly the case in small apartments, like a single household.

Another use would be if you want to expand your countertop. So you can simply place this resilient unit next to it and connect the transition with silicone.

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What to look for when buying?

So when buying, be sure to check the condition of your kitchen beforehand! Research if there is a pedestal and also consider if there will be a new kitchen soon. If so, other types of dishwashers may be a more elegant and attractive solution.

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How much capacity / dimensional place settings are usually offered?

The capacity of dishwashers is specified in measure decks.

For you, this means: one large plate, one small plate, one soup plate, coffee cup, matching saucer, cutlery and one glass.

Depending on the width, different numbers of these place settings fit in a floor-standing dishwasher.

  • With a width of 45 cm, a narrow dishwasher can hold approximately 9 to 10 place settings.
  • The 60 cm wide models have an average capacity of 12 to 14 place settings.
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What are the special features of the latest models?

You’ll be amazed at the dishwasher functions new appliances come up with these days. Here are just a few useful examples:

  • Hygiene program to kill pathogenic germs. (Perfect, by the way, if you want to clean food bowls and co. Oh and as a tip: is also super for FLIPFLOPS).
  • Intensive cleaning for cleaning strong stains and incrustations
  • Gentle program for lunch boxes with decor, melamine goods, and other delicate items
  • Night dishwashing program extra quiet and takes advantage of the sometimes favorable night electricity tariff
  • WLAN-enabled dishwashers are slowly entering the market
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Which brands are considered good in this segment?

Manufacturers such as Bosch, Siemens, AEG, Miele and Co have freestanding dishwashers on offer. Miele is considered to be of particularly high quality, which of course has its price. Other brands sometimes emphasize basics, but reduce the price considerably. Make sure that models of lesser-known brands necessarily have a reasonable energy efficiency and safety features.

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Customer experience and tests

If you want to buy a dishwasher, you should also take into account the experiences of other customers in their decision before buying. For this reason, we have also summarized these for you on the respective product pages. You will also find information on test reports from Stiftung Warentest and other test institutes for each model.

You can find out whether a freestanding dishwasher is right for you, and whether certain models even meet your requirements, in our interactive dishwasher test. Specify your dishwasher requirements and find out which dishwasher suits you best.

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In what price segment is this type of dishwasher?

Some offers already start at $300. Calculate on average with $500. You can buy a dishwasher cheaply, especially on the Internet. Local stores, on the other hand, can help you if you want to see and touch the machine “live” first.

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