Mini Dishwasher

Mini Dishwasher
Mini Dishwasher

Some people don’t need one of the 60 cm wide dishwashers usually available on the market. The rated capacity is far too oversized for many households in USA, assuming that more than 17 million people live in a single household. Narrow dishwashers are more practical in this respect, but what if you like to wash dishes by hand yourself and only want to use the dishwasher for rewashing every now and then? In this case, the so-called mini dishwasher can be used. This is very compact and can be quickly and easily set up and dismantled as needed. Since they also work without a water connection, they are also used, for example, when camping. We introduce you to these sought-after household helpers in a little more detail.

What is a mini dishwasher?

Mini dishwashers have compact dimensions and are designed to be practical. You won’t find big bells and whistles with them, even though some devices are real eye-catchers in terms of design. They can be easily placed on any countertop, provided that there is a power connection, because usually you do not need a water connection for this device.

Such a mini dishwasher offers little capacity and has a below-average energy efficiency for dishwashers, which is usually the result of its small dimensions. On the other hand, they are often available in stores at a reasonable price.

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Who is a mini dishwasher without a water connection suitable for?

The application possibilities for a mini dishwasher are large. In small offices, in summerhouses, in mobile homes or in single households such a dishwasher is conceivable. Just everywhere, where only little washing up accrues and little place is available.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of a mini dishwasher?

The advantages are immediately obvious. Mini dishwashers are very compact and have a low weight. This makes them mobile and can be taken anywhere, perfect as a camping dishwasher. Models without a water connection even require only a power connection and a bucket of water with which to fill the water tank. The modern look of the machines is also a highlight in any kitchen. Consumption is low in absolute terms, but not effective.

  • Compact dimensions and light weight
  • Dishwasher without water connection
  • Modern design
  • For fast washing of small dishes
  • Small price
  • No space for a lot of dishes
  • Not suitable for pans, pots and large dishes
  • Minimal equipment
  • Low energy efficiency
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What to consider when buying?

The selection on the market is manageable. The models are very similar, so your main focus when buying should probably be on quality and individual preferences, such as sinks without water connection. It also makes sense to pay attention to economical water and electricity consumption. Unfortunately, mini dishwashers are nowhere near as efficient as their big brothers.

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How much rated capacity do the small dishwashers have?

The mini dishwashers can wash only very few place settings at a time. We are talking about a maximum of 2-3 trays. Pots and pans have no place here due to the lack of height and must be washed by hand.

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What is the height, width and depth of the mini dishwashers?

Mini dishwashers without water connection often look like small cubes. All sides are similar in size, i.e. both the height and width and depth of compact minis are about 40 – 45 cm. So they hardly take up any space and can be placed almost anywhere.

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What features distinguish the models?

With a mini dishwasher, you won’t find many sophisticated washing programs, however, they are usually very practical, such as the short program. Also, many dishwasher functions that you might know from a larger appliance are not present, as there is simply not enough space in the appliance for this.

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What brands are there in this segment?

Since the selection on the market is very small, we can only mention the brands Bomann and Klarstein at this point.

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Buyers’ experiences and tests

We have summarized buyers’ experiences with the respective mini dishwashers for you on our product pages. This way, you can get a better picture of the dishwasher’s washing performance and quality. In addition, you can also find out on the respective pages how the model performed in the dishwasher test by Stiftung Warentest or other recognized consumer magazines.

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What does a mini dishwasher cost?

Online, you can find offers for mini dishwashers without water connection starting at $300. You’ll often have to pay a bit more at specialty stores. On the other hand, discounters like Lidl offer special deals from time to time.

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