Tabletop Dishwasher for Small Dishes

Table dishwasher
Table dishwasher

Avoid quarrels in the shared apartment with a dishwasher! Or else the Lord of Creation has recently become involved in the household. Yes, if there are only two of you in the household or you alone no longer feel like annoying washing dishes, then this is your and the best solution: a table dishwasher.

It fits not only on the table, but in (almost) any niche in the apartment. The practical dimensions make it easy to store in, but you should still pay attention to the connection options.

What is a table dishwasher and what special features distinguish it?

These are not fancy devices, which are also particularly well designed. No, they are usually small compact dishwashers that can be purchased subsequently, simply placed on any countertop in the household, provided that there is a water and an electricity connection.

This dishwasher is solely about practicality. Little capacity, poorer energy efficiency and few features is usually the consequence for the small dimensions. In return, these devices can often boast a favorable price.

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Who is a tabletop dishwasher suitable for?

Offices, gazebos, shared apartments, partner apartments, singles – wherever washing up is no fun, but the space and sense for a large variant is missing, there belongs a table dishwasher. It takes up little space, yet does the unpopular work.

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What to consider when buying?

Especially with these small devices, be sure to pay attention to the fact that they are economical with water and electricity. Unfortunately, compact dishwashers work nowhere near as efficiently as their big brothers.

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How much capacity/measured place settings are usually offered?

The small dishwashers can usually clean between 4 and 6 dimensional place settings at a time. So if you live alone, you can definitely find room for pots, pans and ladles. In couple households, this will already be less often the case.

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What width, depth and height are usually offered?

The units usually have a width of 55 cm. However, at around 45 cm, they are not very high. The depth is usually 50 cm and therefore does not take up much space from the dining table, although few people will place the device there, even if it is called so.

Tip: Place such a table dishwasher on an empty shelf, if you can still guarantee enough air around the device. Of course, it is important that it opens to the front and not to the top.
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What special features distinguish the current newest models?

You won’t find many programs on a tabletop dishwasher. Also, many dishwasher features that you’re used to on a larger appliance, like a freestanding dishwasher, aren’t available because there simply isn’t enough space in the appliance to include them. So if you want more, you’ll have to go for another type of dishwasher.

However, always make sure that there is at least one type of aquastop to protect you from water damage.

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What brands are there in this segment?

In Stiftung Warentest, Samsung, Exquisit and AEG in particular stood out. However, all these small devices were relatively noisy. You notice that you have to make a lot of sacrifices when it comes to compact dishwashers.

Some big brands don’t even offer this type of dishwasher in their product portfolio, so the choice is already very limited.

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Customer experiences and tests

We have summarized customer experiences with the respective tabletop dishwashers on our product pages for you, so that you can get an idea of the dishwashing performance and quality of the dishwasher. In addition, you can learn more about the respective test results in the tests of the recognized test magazines there.

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What is the price segment for tabletop dishwashers?

In addition to their compactness, tabletop dishwashers offer another advantage. They are usually very inexpensive to buy. On the Internet in particular, you can even find dishwashers for under $200, which makes this type of appliance particularly interesting for many bargain hunters.

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